Health-E Church

Helping make ready the bride of Christ (Rev.19:7-8)


Church Health is serious business, and far too many churches are anemic and in need of strengthening. Sadly, many are on artificial life support. This blog is an attempt to address in practical ways the health of churches. For over 30 years as a pastor, church planter, sponsor church pastor, missionary, and church strategist, I have observed, studied, and experienced the complex organism of the church. What understanding God has granted me in this process I hope to share with others. There is too much at stake to shrug our shoulders at the current realities or surrender to complacency, fear, denial, or difficulties. Instead we must yield to God’s Spirit, obey God’s word, and lift up God’s Son, that the church might flesh out God’s will. Revelation 19:7 reminds us a day is coming when it will be declared in heaven, “…the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready.” Let’s help make ready the Bride of Christ.


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  1. Selladurai on said:

    Dear pastor i had go through about your ministries and i felt so happy in Jesus name. We had started church ministry by the grace God. The name of the church called “Olive church” by Tent of witness Ministries. Now we are conducting the worship in my home, remember our ministry in your prayers. If God Leeds you means support this ministry by your donations. God bless you and your truthful ministry.
    Rev. Selladurai

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